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Most cities in the world never sleep and Varna is one of the proofs for that. Varna enjoys superb nightlife, thanks to the various social influences through the ages, the city s cosmopolitan nature, and the tourism developments. Because of this, the city is appropriately known as "The Summer Capital" of Bulgaria. Its many caf?s, bars and restaurants spill out onto the streets and the nightlife of Varna heats up. The city provides to locals and tourists the right set of choices to enjoy the rest of the evening. Varna Nightlife is a combination of laidback and recreational options for different individuals.

Especially in festival season, Varna also offers plenty of evening concerts for those looking for music without the bar crowd.


Varna is one of the major cities in Bulgaria and it provides different dining choices to locals and foreign visitors. Some of the best restaurants serve typical Bulgarian cuisine as well Greek, Turkish, French, Italian, Chinese, Seafood, BBQ meals and many others. Guests can find restaurants with good food and great ambience in Varna centre, the boardwalk and the shopping malls.

Live Entertainment

Many restaurants offer live music in different styles, providing a more relaxed way to enjoy a night of food, wine and entertainment. Varna is home to a selection of pubs and bars, and the beachfront has many music and party venues catering to the large number of holidaymakers who flock here.

Speciality venues cater to a wide range of musical and entertainment interests. Different styles of jazz, for example, can be enjoyed - light jazz in the bars and lobbies of upmarket hotels, lounge-club jazz grooves in trendy discos and bars, and more traditional jazz performances in dedicated clubs.

Bars and Night Clubs

The guests who enjoy night life and going to spend their holiday in Varna, could be very nice surprised. Many bars work till very late in comparison with other countries and some of the discos operate till the sun comes up the next morning. The nightlife in Varna takes place mostly around the centre and the areas around it as well the beach coastline. Moreover, those who like parties can have a great time in Golden Sands, where one can find plenty of bars and night clubs.