• International May Choir Competition Prof. Georgi Dimitrov

Since 1967 the Competition was held under the name May Choir Festival. The main organizers were the Center for Amateur Art and the Regional Council for Culture. In 1973 after a resolution of the Secretariat of the Bulgarian Communist Party, it was decided that "an International Choir Competition will be held in May every year in the city of Varna". In 1975 the first international competition was held.
The Competition is a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Association awarding the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing - a competition which is held in Arezzo (Italy), Debrecen (Hungary), Tours (France), Varna (Bulgaria), Tolosa (Spain) and Maribor (Slovenia). Until 2007 it was held every other year and after that the Competition became annually one. The concerts are the Festival and Congress Center (Hall 1 - 800 seats)


The Varna Summer International Jazz Festival was established in 1992. It is held annually, within 3 days at the end of July and beginning of August. Main organizer is the Municipality of Varna in partnership with the Varna Jazz Society.
The programme includes three-four concerts featuring usually 8-10 bands from Bulgaria and abroad. Musicians such as Albert Mangelsdorff, Dominique Pifarely, Mal Waldron, Luis Sclavis, John Surman and many others have been among the guest performers. Until 2000 it was held in the Festival and Congress Center - Hall 1 and after that in the courtyard of the Archeological Museum.
"International Puppet Festival the Golden Dolphin 1st to 6th October
The International Puppet Festival "The Golden Dolphin" is established in 1972. It is held once in every three years, from 1st to 6th October, by Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Varna and The State Puppet Theatre Varna. The festival has a competition character.
The festival is intended to assist the development of Bulgarian dramaturgy for the puppet theatre, to popularize the achievements of Bulgarian puppet art, to introduce the modern trends and the latest quests of the puppet art all over the world, to contribute to the closer contacts between the puppet and theatrical specialists from the different countries. Workshops covering wide scope of topics related to the theory and the practice of the puppet theatre are held within the frames of the festival.

• The International Ballet Competition

The International Ballet Competition - Varna was established in 1964. Its first edition was held in July at the Open-Air Theatre and it was the first professional international ballet competition in the world. Highly popular is the definition of the French press that "any dancer awarded in Varna has already a guaranteed prosperity in professional ballet. Even those not awarded, on their return from Varna, are already considerably more popular in their own countries".
During the Competition concomitant events are also being held, among which the traditional International Summer Ballet Academy with classes in classical ballet, contemporary techniques and jazz. World famous pedagogues from France, Great Britain, Russia, Denmark, the USA, Holland, etc. are being invited to teach.

• Varna Summer International Music Festival

Founded in 1926 this festival is a member of EFA. The Varna Summer International Music Festival is the oldest music festival in Bulgaria and one of the festivals with the longest tradition in Europe. The diversity of genres features opera, symphony concerts, chamber and choral music, cycles "Early Music" and "Young Talents", International Summer Academy, Summer Scientific Meetings. Since 1984 Varna Summer Academy has featured within the festival. The Master classes are conducted by tutors and performers of international authority and fame.

•International Theatre Festival "Varna Summer"

The International Theatre festival "Varna Summer" is held every year in June and is part of the big Festival of the Arts held in the city of Varna. The festivals held in 1993-1995 were of a national scope - their program consisted of the best Bulgarian theatre productions for the respective season. From 1996 on the festival became an international forum through the participation of prestigious foreign theatre groups, directors of European festivals and theatre critics. Moreover, the parallel program of the festival is gaining greater importance and thus the festival turns into a concentrated time and space, in which a series of smaller projects are being realized - workshops, scenographic exhibitions, seminars, discussions, critical debates, etc

•International Film Festival "Love is Folly"

The International Film Festival "Love is Folly" takes place every year at the end of August in Varna. It presents new films - mostly from Europe and the United States and it is one of the most significant artistic events in Bulgaria. The Award of the Festival is named "Golden Aphrodite". Host of the festival is the Festival and Congress Center Varna
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